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A resounding “Meh.”
surreality, chameleons in space!, space
So it’s the anniversary of the moon landings. Am I the only one who’s reaction is firstly “meh,” and secondly, “well, bloody lot we’ve managed to do since then, isn’t it?”

Am I supposed to be impressed that we hit the moon in 1969 and have done jack all to get us into space since? It’s actually rather depressing.

Less sardonically facetious, I’m not all that about the landing’s anniversary, but I do look around at current efforts and have to feel like we’re in a much less imaginative age. We’re making great strides with electronics and communications technology here on Earth, and that’s cool and stuff, but it won’t do us much good when we overcrowd the planet. We’re way behind the curve for getting into space. China has a space program now, to get out there and off the planet, and I’m pleased—someone needs to do it. Bush has the imagination and vision of a spirochete when you put him beside Kennedy, and the Democrats are trying to ape him and the Republicans so much that it’s laughable that NASA will ever regain the peak that they reached with Apollo 11.

A resounding “Meh.”

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Space. Ship. One.

Don't depend on the repugnatcains for anything! We're gonna get there the way we always should have. All you have to do is tell someone about the gold in the Asteroids and private industry will be up there before you can say the entire Remeberances of things past backwards in Sandsrcit (I'm trying to be realistic here)

Might be explotive, but it'll get us there.

Will it get "us" there? Or will it get "them" there? Who is "us"?

Call me paranoid, but I can't help but think that the common folk are not going to be coming along on this trip before the planet is completely sucked dry.

Or even after it's sucked dry, I'd imagine.

And I imagine it wouldn't be preferable for us to go, anyhow. I mean-- all of us? We've got such a quick replacement rate...

(Unless, I guess, everyone adopts first-world birthrates suddenly)

They'll lower the cost, that's how they get their workers into space. I didn't promise it would be utopia, I just said they'll get us into space.

Enough workers to employ the entire so-called 'third world'? I doubt it!

No, probably not. I never said it would be perfect though, I just said they'll do it. The question is, weather you want to get into space or help your fellow man. I am merely offering scenarieos.

If I were looking for the perfect plan though I wouldn't want to send the third world, what'd they ever do to me? I'm not even looking to send the whole first world. I've got this plan where we send all the religious nuts who want to live without all us sinners and ship them off. You know, like Europe did a few hundred years ago. Then, if they're anything like the American Putritanical nut jobs, they'll all die because they didn't pack enough oxygen or something and there will be no Martian Squanto to save them.


After that we all get together, and try to make the world a better place without religion getting in the way.

It could work. Probably not, but it could.

Sounds like not such a bad idea.

That is, until the rest of humanity gets to travelling and colonizing space as well and meets up with their crazy ultra-puritanical descendants!

Sorry, that's the plot of an entire series of David Weber novels, isn't it?

I don't know who David Weber is (*shame*) so I can't say.

This is we send them without enough oxygen see? Sort of a B-Ark death cruise.

It's not very PC, but what the hell, you can't worry about every damn thing.

Some time when you are bored and looking for a good read of 'hard' scifi, check out the Honor Harrington series. Much space-operatic-fun.

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