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A resounding “Meh.”
surreality, chameleons in space!, space
So it’s the anniversary of the moon landings. Am I the only one who’s reaction is firstly “meh,” and secondly, “well, bloody lot we’ve managed to do since then, isn’t it?”

Am I supposed to be impressed that we hit the moon in 1969 and have done jack all to get us into space since? It’s actually rather depressing.

Less sardonically facetious, I’m not all that about the landing’s anniversary, but I do look around at current efforts and have to feel like we’re in a much less imaginative age. We’re making great strides with electronics and communications technology here on Earth, and that’s cool and stuff, but it won’t do us much good when we overcrowd the planet. We’re way behind the curve for getting into space. China has a space program now, to get out there and off the planet, and I’m pleased—someone needs to do it. Bush has the imagination and vision of a spirochete when you put him beside Kennedy, and the Democrats are trying to ape him and the Republicans so much that it’s laughable that NASA will ever regain the peak that they reached with Apollo 11.

A resounding “Meh.”

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I worry about the scenario that you present because it makes me feel bad about us and our ability to cherish things, not because I think it's a great harm to the world(s) in any way.

*If* we cherish and value, then the scenario will not come to pass.

If we do not -- well, we as a species can lie in the bed that we've made.

I'm not trying to predict one way or the other how things will turn out, as I don't pretend to know the limits and capabilities of the human race as a whole; I will only say that I'm selfish enough to hope that such a thing does not happen during my time on the planet.

Amen. Although-- I would, really, so love to see a few million years down the line, just to know.

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