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(no subject)
I was chatting with chili_das_schaf a moment ago and she said something about associating white rats with me. And then, by the awesome powers of the human mind’s associative memory, I lost the game. I started not cheating at The Game when eva00 told me about a game called Yellow Car, and then while playing Yellow Car I often lost the game by associating it with playing Yellow Car. Now I’ve got associating stuff with stuff associated with The Game.

I’m so going to lose again. However, I will avoid mentioning it on LJ. This associative association is just so exceptional that I had to post about it. I’m sorry.

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I think my brain just turned into Jello, but chatting to you always has this effect.

Don't think of Shwanekee, or you'll loose again.

At this rate I'm going to be associating half my life with the game. I'm going to have to start cheating again just to shake all these associations and get back on track.

Augh! I'm so cheating for the next while.

Doesn't that defeat the purpose though?

Cheating is a meta-level of the game, actually. To cheat, one must affirm that the game is being played, which is an affirmation of the core rule that everyone is playing whether they know it or not. It's much more fun to actually play the game... but, as it never ends, I've got a lot of years in which to not cheat. Right now it's a strategic avenue I'm pretty much forced to take if I don't want to be constantly losing.

So, in a sense, I'm still playing.

And yet if I say shwanekee, we both know you lost.

This suggests a winning strategy. Associate everything in your life with the game, until game-awareness is autonomic, like breathing.

That's true. One of the strategies is to never forget about the game such that you can never remember it.

Wow, game based on a viral meme...nice.

It makes my head hurt in a good way.

That's a viable strategy to winning at The Game.

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