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For Sale
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I have a car. I don’t really need one any more (nor do I need the insurance payments). So, I’d like to sell it.

It’s a Nissan Sentra 1987 red two-door coupe/hatchback fix-me-up. It has a faulty starter and desperately needs new brakes, the cost of which I can’t estimate without shelling out money I don’t have for a mechanic to inspect it. There’s some rust, the left headlight’s lens needs replacement, and it has 278,000 km on it. The engine itself has always run well. As a modest perk, it has year-old top-of-the-line Michelin Harmony tires.

Obviously, it’s a car best suited for someone who’s able to do the work themselves, maybe as a second car, a car for their kid, or to resell. With that in mind and the desire to make the transition to a carless existence easier, I’m asking only $500 for it. (I paid $3000 for it two and a half years ago—the mere $500 will get me into the Cooperate Auto Network so that I can still get out to Mission when I need to, or to move my plethora of boxes around. I figure that, considering how much I paid, the intervening years and kilometres, and the work needed to get it running nicely, $500 is a reasonable asking price.)

I’ve got it on craigslist and I’m planning on putting up notices at SFU at some point. If you're local and you know someone who might be a good match for this car, or know someone who knows someone, do let them know.

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I have a Nissan Sentra, too. It's 1990 and it's white and it's pretty and it's been sitting here uninsured for about a year and a half because I can't afford to insure it. However, I just can't get rid of it. I love it too much. Yay Sentra.

At any rate. I might have a friend who may be very, very interested. What model is it? Coupe/Sedan/Hatchback/? I'll definately be letting him know.

I thought all the '87 Sentra coupes were hatchbacks? In any case, yes, it's a hatchback. *amend post to say so*

You're probably right. I just don't know squat about cars. ;)

without actually knowing, $50-ish in parts and a few hours spare time for a backyard mechanic-type. I just did the brakes on a ford '91... Nissan (from what little I've encountered) isn't THAT different...

Brakes COULD be more. Or less. '91 ford was $25 for front brakes. *eh*

No idea how helpful that is but shouln't be a biggy. Starter's somewhere between $90 and $200 (no idea sorry) but -should- be easy to replace. Fixing can be done with someone with a LOT of patience and an organized mind :)

While I'm not interested in another car (I've got 2 at the moment, and only one insured) I can at least mention that. Ta! (feel free to delete this message if it doesn't suit the post here. Sounds like you're asking a low-ish (and therefore nice) price though :)

Naw, the brakes could be a big issue, depending on what's wrong with them. The last time I got a brake job done it turned out that the calipers had seized and it was very, very expensive. Granted, I went to Budget Brake and Crapservice, so I was probably overcharged. Still, it may not be as simple as a mere brake-pad change.

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