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Science World
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Smoke cyclone
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I went to Science World today with neomeruru and we had fun. There were way more rugrats running around than I remember, but I imagine that's just because I'm not one of them anymore.

It's odd to see what was new and what's been kept from the first and subsequent times I've been there. The cyclone machine pictured here, the cosmic ray tank, and many other classic pieces have been moved around and had their prominence reduced as newer, more up-to-date pieces have been added.

The OmniMax theatre is just as it's always been, though, and seeing Pulse: A Stomp Odyssey on the giant screen was excellent. It did occur to me as we walked up the winding ramp that my current computer probably has more processing power now than Omni has.

Oh yes, and then there was The Slide. The Slide was excellent. And green.

After the movie, Science World's closing, and the detour to The Slide, we hit Metrotown for sushi. I got to try some barbequed unagi, which was tasty. m_cat, I thought of you while eating it.

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Stomp is grand. I saw 'em live a couple of years ago. They draw rhythm from EVERYTHING.

I was much impressed. I've seen promotional bits for them for years but I've never seen anything lengthy done by them. It was grand.

Summertime == kids out of school.

Yeah. The bulk of the kids were all in yellow t-shirts, so I'm guessing it was a summer camp trip or something like that.

If the live Stomp show ever comes to town, or somewhere we can get to, we (lj user="neomeruru">, you too!) gotta go. It's bloody brilliant.

Glad you had fun, beautiful! T-9 hours until I snuggle you most viciously.

Yes! That would be awesome. Same for taiko drummers, which I was reminded of during the movie.


Oh man, taiko drumming is one of the sexiest things on earth. I am so there.

I went to Science World about a year ago thinking that it would be fun, but I mostly felt odd because everything I wanted to do had a lineup of kids. And they'd budge in front of me. And it's not like I can tell kids to go away, it's my turn! because then I look like a royal bitch. They're CHILDREN for goodness sake. I may have been at an inopportune time, though. I think they should have an adults-only hour. Yes that would be nice.

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