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Bowen Island to Montreal, return, please
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Went to Bowen Island with darthmaus on Saturday for the day, which was lovely. That was the boatin' to which my last post referred. The ferry ride there is a mere $6.80 and 25 mintues, and the 250 bus from downtown is the usual fare—a trip to Bowen Island makes for an easy and cheap date, especially if one were to pack a picnic lunch/dinner rather than go to one of the lovely restaurants or the pub at Snug Cove. We may want to move there at some point, now.

The photo links to a photoset of the pictures we took during the day there.

I have to take Dean there and to Doc Morgan's pub because he would love the sense of adventure to be had so very close to his home, and appreciate the food and beer. (No, not that Dean, my Dean.)

In two and a half days I'll be getting on a flight to Montreal to visit paternal family and attent Grandmaman's memorial service. She died after a long illness and it was as much relief as sorrow when she did, so this will be interesting in a number of ways. My sweetie is joining me for the last two days of the trip, which I have to myself in downtown-ish Montreal—that will be interesting in much more pleasant-to-anticipate ways. Not to say I'm not looking forward to seeing family, but I'm not looking forward to the social protocols that come into play with extended family, let alone in this context.

I also have running-around to do before I leave that I'm not looking forward to. Thus, I am getting a lot of procrastinating done. Must do laundry in the morning. Must get off the computer and go to bed.

My server is down, and thus so too is Ardesia. I have an urge to start a more modest collaborative project that might be easier for people to get into, but I won't be tackling that thought at least until I get back and can fix the server.

There's stuff I need to get out of storage for people, too, and I'm wondering how I'm going to do that sans véhicule as I now am. There are options, I know—I just need to figure it out concretely. Yet another thing to deal with after I get back.

Two weeks from now I intend to attend my first "formal" class of Wing Chun, which seems like a suitably-lazy martial art for me. It's all about economy of effort to maximum effect, so relaxation is a primary principle of the art. In turn, the classes and whole art itself has a relaxed atmosphere that is more akin to a self-directed Montessori class than a taskmaster-led public-school class.

Pookie loves her food bag. She purrs for it. Not that she tries to get the food out of it, oh no—she loves the bag and all that it symbolises for her, and the food is just lovely icing on the proverbial cake.

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what you wrote about Poolie made me laugh ... heh

glad you are doing well!

Mmm. I love proverbial cake.

I'd be interested in hearing a bit about that new project. =)

I was thinking of building a dungeon collaborative because, well, I like dungeons. The setting would be easier to pin down because we could just default to "standard fantasy", so anything that people want to add that wouldn't be strange to see in a typical swords & sorcery RPG or novel would be okay without having to discuss it ad nauseum first.

I kind of like the idea of a dungeon growing organically over time due to the efforts of multiple people, because many "real" dungeons in fantasy settings were the result of exactly that kind of digging. The only trouble with the idea that I haven't quite figured out yet is that a dungeon is inherently spatial—layout and the distance between rooms and things is vitally important to making the place make any kind of sense. I can't think of any good way to make sure that things people create in words will fit into a graphical grid, without imposing really boring restrictions like "you can only build North, South, East, or West from an already-made room".

I wanna come to Wing Chun too, and I have no travel for the next several weeks so I'll be there!

Excellent! I'm planning on going this Tuesday after class, too.

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