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"Altered reality", indeed
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It’s a sign of the current state of society that an article about optical camouflage can have an introduction that starts with a Harry Potter reference and a following page that begins, “Optical camouflage doesn’t work by way of magic...”

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I have been seeing this promised cloak for a while now. I wants it. I wants it now.

Invisibility Cloak

Here! Look! Here I am sneaking around in the woods in *my* invisibility cloak!

Er, oops! Sorry. Here it is ...


Re: Invisibility Cloak

Heh. Of course, I had to have clicked that link while I was in the school library...

Re: Invisibility Cloak

Argh! Sorry about that. I always expect people to use their computers at home. I guess I should be more careful about sneaking in things like that. It's just what came up when I googled "pretty forest".

Re: Invisibility Cloak

I don't think they're terribly worried about it at school; not like at some workplaces. After all, it could be for legitimate research! :-)

Re: Invisibility Cloak

Ah, gotta love higher "education"! :)

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