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Going on hiatus for a bit
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But first, a comic—because I like rats, and this is cute.

In other news, I’m so totally behind on my Friends page that I’m just not going to try catching up. So far, I’ve also noticed that I have a significantly larger portion of useful time during the days after school. I considered just swearing off LJ for a while, but I don’t want to toss the baby with the bathwater, so instead I’ve just pared down my Default View list to a bare minimum. The only people I’m going to have the leisure to read regularly now are those whose posts I absolutely can’t miss for one reason or another: the people I live with, the people I sleep with, and the local people who I need to keep in touch with but who I only ever get to see in LJ-land.

For the rest, you can pretty much consider me on LJ hiatus for a while. I figure that I’ll creep back slowly, adding a person or two to my Default View as my ability to keep up gets back up to speed, but that’s a ways off. For now I’m going to keep posting if something occurs to me, but I’m just generally going to be less active.

As always, you can get a hold of me with that ancient, archaic communication method we call “email”, and there’s the Stone Age device of phone, and the slightly less archaic IM method. Contact stuff for those (except the phone number), are in my user info as usual.

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Default view, huh? So how can we tell if we're on that?

Nobody else can. Pretty much, everyone can assume that I'm away. I'll still be reading a very few people in the Maus or Roommate classes of people. Even then I won't be reading very often, since I can easily catch up on the posts generated by a handful of people.

My original choice was to just say "I'm taking an LJ holiday" and ignore LJ, but I realised that I kept coming back to read the updates of a handful of people. So, this is the compromise.

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