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Yesterday I was on Granville Island for the Fringe Festival. darthmaus and I saw the noon show of Trey Parker’s Cannibal! the Musical, which was most excellent and hilarious. Now I need to see the original movie.

We had lunch at the marketplace (I a clam chowder pot pie, mmm, and she lentil soup from the Stock Market), then some Mario’s gelati from one of the stalls there. I wish I’d got a photo of the pigeons flocking (every damn time something moved) but I didn’t want to expose the lens to possible pigeon-bombings. It was enough to guard my latte and pot pie.

We walked up into Kits to meet fimmtiu for early dinner before The Wet Spot’s Big Ass Show. Being early, we stopped in one of the consignment clothing stores (évol you on west 4th) where Maus tried on a great zippery jumpsuit, some boots, and an interesting top. The jumpsuit was about an inch too small across the back, though, so was sadly not acquired.

Dinner with Fimm at Indian Oven was excellent and tasty. We ordered paneer masala, malai kofta, and a chana... something, I forget. Wasn’t mutter... The chai was pretty good, too, and I loved the pottery water jug that the server used to fill the water glasses (similar to this one, but without the side cut-outs and finished differently).

Then we three trouped down to Granville Island for The Wet Spot’s show. It was excellent. I still have “Do You Take It In The Ass” stuck in my head.

After, we walked up to Death by Chocolate on Broadway and had some dessert and something to drink. Maus and I split a “Berry Much in Love” (funnily enough) and Fimmtiu had the (I think it’s called?) Simply Irresistible and managed to eat it all.

Through all that I was feeling rather tired and stomach-unsettled, and only during The Wet Spot’s show did it occur to me that I was probably suffering from a mild case of food poisoning. I’m feeling somewhat better this morning, but still a bit oogy. Despite that it was much fun.

Oh, and these “Never Forget” dinosaurs were all over Granville Island. There was one on the way onto the island that I missed capturing, but this one with the asteroid and the upstart T. Rex is my favourite so far. The third I saw was outside the Dragon Somethingsomething store on a noticeboard, and other Flickr people have noted that they’re all over Emily Carr.

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The picture of the dinosaur I sent you was from Granville Island, the neck.

When was this? *checks email* No... Maybe my memory is failing me.

Sent by phone about a month ago? Maybe two weeks.

Ahh, I understand now. My phone doesn't do picture-messaging. I got a txt informing me that someone had sent me a picture and that I had to go to this special Fido site to view it, but when I got there it wouldn't just show it to me, insisting on using weird hand-rolled picture-showing webstuff that doesn't work on my computer. So, I never got it. :-/

Aha. Well, I saw one o them and sent it to you.

(Deleted comment)
Dude! I'll have to make a point of getting some shots of those.

(Deleted comment)
It's great!

I love the poster idea. Did you put them up at the Cambie stop? I'm going to be getting off there for lunch with me Dad later today, so I'll look for them. :-D

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