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Happy birthday shannara!

Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do...

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Oh, the birthday LOVE!!!

Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do...

Wouldn't dream of it. See you Saturday!!!

Re: Oh, the birthday LOVE!!!

See you then. :-D

Re: Oh, the birthday LOVE!!!

How big of a car are you renting? Is it okay to invite other people along? It would be nice if Shane and Cayley could come with Heather and I (I'm working on convincing her parents, still).

Re: Oh, the birthday LOVE!!!

I think you chatted with die Maus on that yesterday...

Re: parents, good! Keep trying. That girl needs to get away from there more, preferably with us. :-)

Re: Oh, the birthday LOVE!!!

I phoned them yesterday, and she is allowed! YAY!

Re: Oh, the birthday LOVE!!!


Hi. I notice that you are one of 6 - 6! - people other than myself who have listed good ol' HPSS as one of your previous schools. I also notice that while you are a good few years my senior (what is age but a number and some wrinkles on your face, among other places) you were also there when the building was brand new. Brand new! More to the point, I also see that you then went, after a short break, to Langara College. Which is where I am currently slaving on some transfer credits. Coincidence of coincidences. Far too few Missionites escape the pull of the Valley and escape into Vancouver.

I'm adding you to my friendslist merely because of this coincidence and because I find your journal to be at least somewhat interesting. You're welcome to do what you wish.

That's cool. ^ ^

I'm not reading my friends list or other journals much lately due to an overload of Real Life, but I still post occassionally and answer comments (like this one). And, when I return from my LJ-vacation, I'll be sure to check out your journal.

Incidentally, what are you studying at Langara and where are you planning to trasfer to when you've got those credits?

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