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Hors d'oeuvres and Perrier
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Meant to go to the Wolf and Hound tonight, but my aim was off.

Instead, I met up with estrellada and soon after with darthmaus, and the former was feeling much too tired to traipse all the way out to Alma-land. So, we hung out at J.J. Bean’s and mocked Cosmo for a while over chai lattes. We then got silly frozen hors d’oeuvres at the Safeway and had a dinner of finger foods and Perrier chez Estrellada. It was fun, and I need to visit with her more often.

The Wolf and Hound is in the schedule for next week, though. If life doesn’t interpose itself again, we should make it.

Edit: Life interposed itself even before I posted that: I got the date of a prior commitment mixed up, so I'm yet again not going to make it to the Wolf and Hound. Perhaps the following Monday...

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Poo, I probably can't make it.

I thought we had plans that night?

Ach, you're right. Let me amend that...

That's OK, we can hang out some other night that week.

If I'm not up to going to the R&G, I might tag along, if it's OK?

Change of plans: I've a prior commitment but I got the dates confused, thinking it would be the Sunday and not the Monday. So, I'm not free for W&H next Monday either.

No, it was not a firm commitment -- you made a commitment thinking that it was for a different date. You're not obligated on the Monday.

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