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Pookie needs a new home
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Glamourous Pookie
Pookie spots and claims that nice bit of grass.
My cat, Pookie, needs a new home.

She’s a lovely long-haired cat turning 11 years old this year, very affectionate (she sleeps beside me every night, and will happily sleep on my chest if I let her), and is happy indoors (though she likes to sit outside often, she doesn’t like to wander and doesn’t have enough hunting ability to shake a stick at). She’s not a very active cat, but she has occasional moments of kittenhood. She's also a one-person cat, attaching herself very closely to one person (she meets me at the door when I come home from school).

The problem is that she’s a very territorial cat, and doesn’t like other cats at all. Where I’m living now there’s already one other cat (and used to be two). They don’t get along well, and Pookie’s response is to mark her territory by peeing in corners of “her” part of the house. We’ve tried a few things to make her more relaxed to try to solve her peeing problem, but to no avail. Before moving into this shared house she’d never marked territory before. She’s just a one-cat-house cat.

This leads me to the inevitable and sad conclusion that I can’t keep Pookie here any longer. I’d rather not have to find Pookie a new home, but she’s just not comfortable here and she needs a home where she’s not constantly anxious about other cats. If you know someone who would like a cat like Pookie and who can give her a good one-cat-home, please let them know about her.

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*hugs to you and Pookie* And good luck.

Oh my goshness. I have two cats already or I'd take her in a heartbeat. I'm going to ask around. Poor Pookie, and poor you ! :(


i hope you find a good home for her...
i miss her dearly and only wish the best for her

Gah. I honestly wish you and Pookie good luck.

I would take her, but that would mean my house would turn into a giant litterbox: Guin's the same.


Aww... my parents gave my cat away. So what if I havent lived with them for... six years and haven't been in a place that accepted pets since then! Gave her away to a llama farm without even telling me first. Apparently llamas love domestic cats. They sleep together and clean each other. I wanna live on a llama farm. They're truly noble creatures... poor chewbacca...

I have a hard time picturing llamas and cats grooming each other. Imagine the hairballs that would result, if nothing else!

The good news is that she's been to the vet recently, as it might be a (solvable) medical problem rather than a behavioural one. We'll see once the results get back from the uranalysis, but my fingers are crossed (and she's been good lately!).

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