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I just got Honour Roll at SFU. Woot, I guess.

My ambivalence is more about the distinction, mind. I’m glad I’m doing well and proud of that, but... Honour Roll? That’s so high-school...
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Doesn't dean's list at SFU mean you don't have to pay for tuition or something?

Not quite. They start giving you money after a grade-point average of 3.75 and a certain amount of credits (I think 45)—I'm almost there, and should be after this term.

What in the world is Honor Roll? We didn't even have that at Douglas College, and THAT was exactly like high school..!

Just a list of students who meet certain requirements. Apparently SFU's are that the student has a 3.50 cumulative GPA and has taken 30 credits of courses at SFU. Then they post the list somewhere public and say, "Yay! Look at our brainy students!" and pat themselves on the back.

What do we call you now? The Right Honorable Saxifrage?

Thanks! And yes, you could call me that if you liked. :-)

Wow, that's excellent. Congrats.

I really hope _locke is right about the free tuition. :)

Nope, but soon... they only start giving out money with slightly more credits than I already have.

yay for you and your huge brain machine !!!

This brain is clearly my bitch.

There you go, minimizing your own achievements again. Quit it, sweetheart! You're good at being a student, and you're being recognized for it whether you like it or not! :-)

Well I am proud of doing well, but I still think things like Honour Roll are silly... at least, it's a silly way of doing this kind of thing. I like it, but it's silly.

Um, I don't know. Maybe you're right. My first thought was the cynical, "it's just the school patting itself on the back," but that's not nearly all of it or even the most central reason for my meh-ness. I'll have to think about it...

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