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What comes in dreams... Kick-ass chinchillas, apparently.
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I dreamt a lot last night, but I only distinctly remember one short segment.

We were in a dorm, and the “we” was me and general SFU people. We were playing with some kind of device/instrument that was really cool, but had the unfortunate side-effect of setting things on fire when it was played “too much” (whatever “too much” meant in dream-logic, I don’t recall).

Teri went down on the lawn outside and played as we watched from the second-storey windows. When she was done her hair caught on fire and we were all like, “Teri! You’re on fire!” and she and the guy standing beside her (also on fire) were all like, “What? What are you talking about?”

So I ran downstairs with a fire extinguisher. Except, the stairwell had some brown rats led by a huge brown chinchilla in it, and as I leapt over them I accidentally kicked the chinchilla. It got all bitey then, and I had to fend it off with the fire extinguisher.

I don’t remember more. It was an entertaining dream.

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I have so got to start using my whack dreams as 1000 Blank White Cards fodder.

We play...SOON.

I just got a kick-ass idea for a card.

What're 1000 cards?

Ahh... dreams are fun. Psychoanalyse it. What does the chinchilla represent to you? And the fire extinguisher. Even more interesting. Freud... so crazy...

1000 Blank White Cards

I end up fighting things off a lot in my "adventure"-style dreams. I think the fire extinguisher was just incidental. Why in the world I was being attacked by a chinchilla is beyond me. Why people were on fire similarily mystifies me.

I possess a great desire to play this game.

There is much potential for zombie-themedness therein. Monkey zombies. Monkey zombie ninjas.

We shall have to play sometime

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