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Computer desk, yay!
Finally, months after I’ve moved, I have a proper computer desk. Until five minutes ago I’d been using a couple of folding TV-dinner tables for my computer desk: one for the keyboard and panel, another for the box, mouse, and speakers.

My new desk is sparkly and new and IKEA. I lurves it.

Now I just need a proper chair, and my furniture-bliss will know no ends.

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I just got me a new desk too... its all plexiglass and such. You coming on the 22nd?

I can't make the hockey portion, but definitely the movies and house-warming. I can bring Turok, Worms 3D, Medal of Honor, and extra controllers even! I also have Red Dwarf IV and V, some MST3K, Gingersnaps II, Nausicaä, Wizards, and Macross Plus OAV (on SVCD, though).

I'll send out another email when I know when hockey is. It might end up being late afternoon or early evening depending when I can get the ice time. I have nausicaa, I guess I didn't put it down, but its there. I have most of miazaki's movies (castle of cagliastro was the best ever, it was his first)

Plexiglass? That'll be something to see.

Its actually tempered glass. It holds my 60 pound monitor pretty well.

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