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Still alive, and Montréal photos
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New reflects old
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When I was in Montréal in late August/early September I dumped each day of photos onto my brother’s girlfriend’s laptop. He’s finally got them to me and I’m slowly uploading them to my Flickr account. They’re untagged, untitled, and undescribed for the most part, but I’ll be slogging through them when I can. In the meantime you just have to browse around the ~200 photos manually or by looking through everything under the “Montréal trip” tag.

I also don’t have them all up yet, but I have the first two days of my trip up now, including some great (and some not-so-great) shots out the airplane window. I bet many of you will recognise some of the geographical features I photographed as we passed over the Fraser Valley.

More Montréal photos are on the way, and I’ll post about them again when they’re all uploaded.

I’m still alive, though I haven’t been posting. School is going wellish as usual, and the Zombie Militia is being all the fun that I expected (even if I haven’t made much time to post on the forums yet). I saw two great concerts recently. The Architecture in Helsinki concert was held in a dive of a venue in the 100 block of West Hastings, but darthmaus and I discovered that their opening band, Wolf Parade, is most excellent (and is, in fact, at the top of SFU’s CJSF charts). The second concert was the Arcade Fire, and was most excellent. Opening for them were Bell Orchestre and (again) Wolf Parade, and both were excellent. The Arcade Fire were phenomenal, and ended their second encore (accompanied by members of Bell Orchestre) by marching down off the stage and into the crowd, to play un-miked in the centre of a radiating crowd of adoring fans for five minutes or so. It was wild.

I have also discoverd that the chocolate bliss balls at The Ladle on campus are delish.