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darthmaus and I were just debating where the capital of Canada would move to, assuming Quebec became a sovereign country. It would have to move, as Ottawa is effectively straddling the border between Ontario and Quebec. I think that it would have to not be Toronto (because that would be political suicide for any MP outside of Ontario who supported such a move), which leaves it pretty much up in the air. It might be south Ontario still, due to climate and population, but they might as easily go outside Ontario and choose the Canadian equivalent of Canberra.

Calgary was floated as a possibility, but I think the Feds would avoid associating with such a strongly-partisan province as Alberta. For reasons of geography it would have to be near the border of any province chosen, and it's even odds whether it'd be an established city (with the attendant land costs and layout issues) or whether it'd be some unknown backwater (without anything existant to get in the way of transforming it into Capital City).

Where do you think they would put the capital?

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Dryden or Kenora, ON. I bet the moose would appreciate the exposure.

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Oh, I know all that stuff would come into play in reality, but we were being highly hypothetical. :-) Assuming Quebec really was sovereign rather than Sovereign Lite™, assuming the rest of the country didn't react much otherwise, assuming assuming the Federal gov't would be security-concerned enough to move the capital, etc...

It makes for an interesting, if unrealistic, ponder. For my part, it came from the thought that it'd be very strange for any country to have its capital on a border with another entirely independent country. So I assumed for entertainment's sake that a separate Quebec would be such a one and then wondered where we'd put the capital.

Mayhaps a new city between borders could be built. Washington DC (as an example) doesn't actually exist under any one state. It is an independant city beholding to no state. Of course that would be incredibly costly and probably a bad idea as people in Washington are as removed from reality as they are the rest of the country.

Ottawa is pretty much the same in terms of political culture: it's very much The Capital, and only just happens to be in Ontario as far as the politicians are concerned.

If they did make an administrative district just for the capital though, it would still, arguably, not be within artillery range of a foreign nation that is potentially hostile. So, they'd still have to pick some new geographical location for it, provincial borders aside.

I agree that it would stay in Ottawa (I don't think anyone feels threatened by Quebec militarily), but they would have to go on a hella-building spree to move all the Hull-based government offices to Ottawa. Or just annex Hull. :)

My first impulse was Sudbury or Kenora.

Agreed about Ottawa, but how about Thunder Bay? If we truly wanted to punish our MPs, then we should opt for Winnipeg.

Winnipeg has a kewl legislative building though....

I would agree that there *are* a lot of newer gov't buildings in Hull - I worked in them (seems like a lifetime ago). Still, you'd probably want to maintain the physical, watery, boundary between countries.

I would opt for relocating the capital to Cornwall, where there are already several gov't offices, and which was fairly desolate last time I saw it - cheap rent of existing, unoccupied office space. It would help the local economy of the area. And it really does smell bad, thereby following the previous suggestion of punishment.

'Scuse my ignorance: where's Cornwall? Though it'd be cool to be one of the few countries to have our capital in a foreign country, I don't think you meant the country in Great Britain.

It's east of Ottawa - if memory serves, about an hour and a half driving. I worked for Parks Canada there as a co-op student in University, and it was one helluva commute.

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