Saxifrage (saxifrage00) wrote,

darthmaus and I were just debating where the capital of Canada would move to, assuming Quebec became a sovereign country. It would have to move, as Ottawa is effectively straddling the border between Ontario and Quebec. I think that it would have to not be Toronto (because that would be political suicide for any MP outside of Ontario who supported such a move), which leaves it pretty much up in the air. It might be south Ontario still, due to climate and population, but they might as easily go outside Ontario and choose the Canadian equivalent of Canberra.

Calgary was floated as a possibility, but I think the Feds would avoid associating with such a strongly-partisan province as Alberta. For reasons of geography it would have to be near the border of any province chosen, and it's even odds whether it'd be an established city (with the attendant land costs and layout issues) or whether it'd be some unknown backwater (without anything existant to get in the way of transforming it into Capital City).

Where do you think they would put the capital?
Tags: canada, capital, hypothetically speaking, politics, quebec, silly
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