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My oldest friend just joined the 21st century and got himself an LJ account. Go say "hi!" to him at baywolf (because the other spelling was taken) and make him feel welcome. Don't worry—he doesn't scare easy. Well, not too easy...
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Aww, I'm not someone worthy of friend-y ness from Dean? ;P

Oup, that was an omission. Though, I can't remember the last time you saw him... But then, you can always go and introduce yourself yourself. :3

On second thought, that mightn't've been a bad omission after all. It occurs to me that your journal might squick him enough that it'd be better for him to actively open it rather than have it be "recommended".

My journal? Dean? Weird.

Squick? Rarely am I squicked-
unless you count that night of an offered ride, skunks, and a shotgun toting neighbor...

Right then, I wash my hands of any responsibility for skunks and other interesting things you might meet in these pages. ^ ^

You dip! I chose it on purpose - haven't you read "Smoke and Mirrors" yet?

Sadly I haven't. I'm a bad, bad Gaiman fan.

It's sitting on Mouse's bookshelf right now, so I could read it... But there are these pesking things called textbooks that keep insisting on being read instead.

Textbooks- pshhhhh! Turn up the music and drown it out until it becomes heartstoppingly necessary to peruse them.
You have to read one of the stories though- "Snow, glass and apples" A completely bizarre take on a well known fairytale

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