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Did I mention I'm enrolled in Introduction to German? No? Well I am. And now I've got a silly song going through my head that goes "Blau von den Bergen kommen wir / Ja wir trinken gallons of Bier / Singing ja ja jippie jippie / ja ja jippie jippie / ja ja jippie jippie jei"... It's all lazarus7's fault, too. The song, not the German, though he might be responsible for that too. I wouldn't put it past him. Anyway, I found the original lyrics to "Von den blauen Bergen kommen wir" by googling for that bastardised version. I am amused to sing in German.

Now I know far more than how to say "Your cat has no ears" in German. Dein Hund schlaeft ohne seine Hose!
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I am envious of your enrollment !!

Been wanting to properly learn German for a while but there is a noticeable ullage of instructors in tiny shytazzed towns where I live (until at least this Sunday).

I have been learning from tapes for a while but my German has stagnated at what I can learn from the tapes I own. I imagine I will enrol in a proper course once I am living in one place long enough to do so. Maybe you can practice your German on me over December if I run into you? *smile*

... oh, and I am happy to take the blame for the German and the Sound Convoy Song, but I refuse to own up for invading Poland! (Don't mention the war!! I did once, but I think I got away with it).

... those lyrics are for a different version that the one I have though.

I think those lyrics are for an older version of the (maybe?) folk song that the Sound Convoy song was probably based on.

If I can still remember my German after finals, I'll gladly spreche Deutsch at you im Dezember!

Two one of the most important sentences in our whole language, clearly!

"Two one of the most important...?"

Yes, I wrote that comment when I was not fully awake yet.

I would have written something else but I couldn't think of anything more meaningful. Constructing random sentences is easy from a creative standpoint.

I did say later that night, "Ich brauche deinen Computer jetzt nicht", when I was done with der Computer von Maus, but I'm pretty sure that I was misusing "jetzt" in there...

Actually that was very correct. Though, in the sense of "not anymore" you'd rather say "jetzt nicht mehr." You'd say your sentence e.g. if she'd ask you if you'd need it.

Ah, the difference being between "I don't need your computer now" and "I don't need your computer anymore". Yay comprehension!

*covers the poor kittens head* Shh....you might alarm them!

I really want to learn German - my dad was one of those kids who, after moving to Canada, said NO! I WILL SPEAK ENGLISH LIKE MY FRIENDS! and forgot most of it. But I really need to know so that I can feel Germanish when I get a PhD and call myself "Dr. Meier" - or maybe, more importantly, I should learn myself how to speak with a proper German accent. "Ich am Dock-tor Meier und how may ich help sie?!"

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