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Jupiter's Moon
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BALI IS A GIANT MAGIC ONION! And I am strangely manic tonight.

Must get paper finished. Must get the slides for tomorrow’s group presentation in order. Must not succumb to the siren song of that sabre-toothed nightingale over there that’s looking at me funny.

Also: don’t crack. Crack crack crack.

I took some photos of interesting lighting today. I r teh artistical.

Thanks to everyone who had fun with my poll the other day! No, there was no point to it—I had never used the poll option of paid accounts before and wanted to try it out. However, it was so entertaining that I may do other “nonsense” polls again.

It’s actually fairly interesting how people score various things with a lack of context. For instance, Tehran was the loser in the pack, and why that is might make for an interesting word-association study. (Oo! Note to self for when I take PSYC 201: Research Methods.) Also, originally my intent with “my pants” was that it was a fairly nonsense phrase (that was featured in many in-jokes in a particular circle of friends of mine a couples years back—Hi shannara!) but I realised after people started scoring things that people were taking it as particularly my pants, or at least I could guess that from the ratings it got and the personalities of the respondents.

Also, otters totally deserve more cred than they got, but there’s my bias showing. Any more and they would have out-done TMBG, though, so I suppose that’s just as well. I was pleased to see that there are a lot of TMBG fans around here, but I can’t really say pleasantly surprised knowing this crowd. Blue seemed to be the most neutrally-received of the lot, just being a colour and all. It just occurred to me though that Blue is also rather hot. Or maybe that’s just me.

Crack crack crack.

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I agree with you on the Blue thing- if I'd taken it that way I'd have given her a much higher score.

Me too. I didn't think of that until I was writing this entry and saw myself type it with a capital in the middle of a sentence and it looked like a name.

Are you assuming that the numerical scale 1-5 means "5 is best" ? It could just as easily mean "1 is best, 5 is worst".

Or your respondents could have just been picking random numbers.

Oo! you're right. I hadn't even thought of the additional feature of respondents having to attribute or assume meaning in the numbered scale. Of course, that totally puts my specualtions off, but it would make simply lovely discussion fodder in a PSYC201 project paper.

You should check this experiment, then:


And irregular_comic is just a lot of fun anyway.

Re: Psychology project

That is an interesting way of constructing a poll. I'll have to remember that.

If he had wanted random numbers the scale would've been 1-2 or 1-4 or 1-6 or 1-8 or 1-10 or 1-12 or 1-20 or 1-30 or 1-38 or 1-100 or something like that.

That would only be true for the subset(geek) of the total population.

Has everyone forgotten about "Caroline's Pants?"

The pants shall not be pleased.


I certainly haven't. Interestingly though, it started out as a generic "my pants" phrase that just turned into the specific Grand Legend about Caroline's Pants.

I love you, you silly nutter :)

./points and laughs

./falls over.

we shall do tea when this has all passed!

I signed in this time, even!

Yes, and then I can find out what the whole magic onion thing actually is! Until then, though, I am enamoured with the phrase all by itself.

Tea is good. December break too.

Crack not! Just a little while longer and you'll be done.

If you find yourself needing a break sometime, we could try to get a game of spellcast going or something. Don't burn yourself out.

I'll keep that in mind.

The crunch is really only for the next eight days, so I'm pretty sure I'll fare it well enough. It's only an arts research paper and a grade-school-style poster-and-presentation for German that's really left to do.

Hullo! You do appear to be wearing a fish as a hat, wot? Spot of tea, then?

OK. I give up. Who are you? Not that you have any obligation to define yourself to me...Just you responded to some of my coments, so I looked you up and you know Jahyne and Linsey and go to SFU which means I either already know you or at the very least am connected to you at least two ways. So now I'm curious, and haven't figured out the answer speed-reading your LJ.

Looking through your site, I don't recognise you, so I don't think we've met before. I met Linds in Cogs100 in the spring and I've been hanging out with her and the rest of the regulars at OOC at SFU this term. If you've heard anything about spontaneous games of 1000 Blank White Cards on campus, that'd be my fault. I'm also a sergeant in the SFU Zombie Militia, if that means anything.

(Aside, I keep being surprised by how many people know Jahyne. I don't actually know know her, though I've met her once at kindelingboy's birthday dinner thing at Antonio's a bit back and keep seeing her around the Drive.)

Hurm, then you´re actually one up on me because I´ve never met Jhayne in real life. I just know of her online, and she seems connected to every one else.

Oh, well, pleased to meet you in any case.

Nice to meet you too. :-)

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