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Doo dee doo dee doo.

Now I just have to research, write, and proof my paper for gender studies in two days! YAY! Ich brauche Zeit mehr. Or is that “Ich brauche noch Zeit”? chili_das_schaf or khamura?

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You need more time? Ich brauche noch mehr Zeit. ("I need still more time", literally.)

Ah, so I was kind of right: I just needed to put both ideas together. :3

Ich brauche Zeit mehr could be used as "Ich brauche Zeit mehr als XYZ",

"I need time more than ..."

For example:

Ich brauche Zeit (gerade) mehr als alles andere.

I need time more than anything else (right now).

Hey, you. Send me the Happy Day CD via yousendit.com

My email's dryadess at gmail

Can you play .ogg files? Then I don't have to find the disc.

it's all about Socialization!

And power, according to Foucault. I'm so glad to be back to writing theory papers rather than data papers.

Yay! One down...several more to go? Two days...that's 48 hours...there's enough time in there for a paper and a whole lot more...like baking various yummy things. =)

Congratulations! Kinda. Hey, at least you got the hard one out of the way first...

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