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State of the Rat
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Gender Studies paper: done and handed in on time!
Sleep had in last day: 1.5 hours...

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Sweeeet!! You the man cool guy

Although I think your advice for me getting more sleeped panned out like your getting essays done early (sigh)

But for now- Victory!!!

Vae victus!
*maniacle laughter*
*slaughtering of innocents with great sweeping sword-strokes*

Congratulations! Bet that feels a hell of a lot better -- well, except for the sleep deprivation part. God knows you deserve a decent night's rest after the crazy week you've had.

Much better, yes!

Oh boy, will I sleep well this weekend.

It's all part of the university experience ;)


I like the little brown gnomes that waltz my pen across the page the best.

Get thee to thy bedstead anon!

And I did, only twenty minutes after you wrote that. I am refreshed and feeling great!

Now to research my last project... which is due tomorrow. >.>

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