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Resting-state of the Rat
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Pond courtyard under snow
Originally uploaded by Saxifrage.
It's very snowy on campus this week. I think this picture is all I need to say on that subject.

I'm through all my projects and papers, and I still have all my limbs attached. It's a relief, and I'm not quite sure how I managed it. There was at least one all-nighter and too many missed German tutorials in there, I do know.

Now it's a matter of studying for finals, and the last chapter test for German on Monday (because of all those classes I missed, I have some catch-up to do—fortunately, there's no actual Final Exam™ for German). I have a bunch of reading I need to review and some to catch up on, but I'm not terribly worried about my finals—as always, tests are my strong suit. Not only that, but the psychology final is all multiple-choice, meaning my strong recognition skills will carry me where my recall in essay questions drug me down in the two midterms.

My sweetie is back in town and that's a very good thing. I had a rough couple of days there after a un-fun conversation at the tail end of her trip that I couldn't really talk to anyone about, but we've reconnected and nicely sorted that out (and how! mmm). From this perspective blessed with hind-sight, 'twas only a blip, but it's immensely reassuring to prove that we can overcome these things together; that we're strong enough individually and together to overcome the inevitable things that challenge relationships. I'm feeling good.

Zombie movie night with the SFU Zombie Militia in less than an hour now. I've been promoted to 2nd Lieutenant and will likely have signing authority soon, as Commander Brad won't be taking courses next term and needs to hand the SFSS-wrangling portion of the club to someone else who will actually be a student. Fortunately I won't be the only one with signing authority, so it's not going to be all on my shoulders to handle the official crap. Still, this is a bit of a stretch for me—it will be an interesting learning experience having to deal with the student union in an Official Capacity™.

Yeah, snow. The novelty's worn off now, but the first day I was all, "Yay! Snow!" and I realised I hadn't been so excited to see snow since I was a kid. I think the frequency with which the Fraser Valley gets significant amounts of snow to be perfectly matched to my desire to experience it.

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I love you, beautiful :-)

Good picture. When's it from?

There are a couple of things I do not understand about how someone can be poly. I think about being poly for the sake of not having to make Rinsu choose. She told me a few things but it hurts my head. So I have questions to ask, and what better person to ask than someone who is poly! Is that alright?


In all honesty it hurt my head and heart like nothing else for quite a while, but I did figure it out.

It's totally alright. I like having my brains picked about it actually. And too, if you need more than just my perspective (and there's a lot of different personal thoughts on poly), I can dig up some websites, discussion boards, and mailing lists if you like.

I found and read a lot of those but something just is'nt helping me. Mind if I get your phone number and I'll text you about it?

No problem. Linds' got my number and you can get it from her tonight, or so I hear. :-)

Txt mightn't be the best way, but it's a start. IM works well for conversations about complex things, as does chatting over coffee/tea/whathaveyou. In any case, I'd be happy to do any of that. You're cool and I'd enjoy hanging out, poly-conversations or otherwise.

(Which reminds me: D&D! When are you thinking of starting that up?)

Have a good night, and make sure she stops with the studying at some point and gets enough sleep tonight.

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