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On optimism and the good in people
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“The good people I treat like good people. And the bad people I also treat like good people. In so doing, I acquire good.” — Dao De Jing

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A good thing to live by. =)

Similar to the golden rule, which is all you need when it comes to dealing with other people, really.

I think I need a different copy of the Dao, does yours keep referring to "dark-enigma integrity"?

Are you sure that's not a black metal fanzine?

...shit. That explains the whole bit about the do's and dont's about headbanging.

Wouldn't it be nice if the bad people took the hint and started treating the good people and the bad people like good people? And then we could all acquire good for ourselves and be more in touch with the Way.

I could just use to be more in touch with the Way.

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