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New worm
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The Sober.X worm is hitting the net hard today. (At least, it’s hitting my hosting provider hard today.) It masquerades as a message from the FBI, CIA, or some other country’s intelligence agency that says you’ve been visiting “illegal” websites and asks you to open the attachment to answer some “official questions”.

Word to the wise, if you haven’t heard of it yet.
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I wonder if that's why fimmtiu's email is down. Bouncing bad.

No, my email is down because NFS sucks. Wheee!

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Yeah, it's good to know, if only to spread to one's non-technical friends. I can imagine that a lot of people might panic on finding an email like that in their inbox and open the link regardless of how well-schooled they are not to do that otherwise.

I keep getting emails from Paypal saying my Royal Bank Account needs to be set up. I don't have Paypal, a Royal Bank Account, or a credit card!

I haven't heard of this one, but chances are I've got ten messages from the FBI in my sfu account - I get so much spam there. Luckily it tags and disposes of most of it..

I get that kind of thing all the time, mostly from eBay (where I do have an account) and from some big American bank whose name I forget now (where I certainly don't have an account). That kind of stuff, though I can't figure out how the scammers make it work in a technical sense in most of the emails I get, is known as a phishing attack, where they want you to enter sensitive data into a website that looks legit but is really controlled by the scammers.

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