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Monday I got new glasses (yay being able to see!) and I'm getting used to them well now. They're actually just new lenses in the old frames, so nobody will really notice the difference unless it's because I'm suddenly recognising them at a distance that I wouldn't have before.

Yesterday I got fitted for contacts (yay peripheral vision!), and I have a pair of daily-wear ones that I'm trying for a week. I like them rather more than I expected to, and so far my eyes don't think they're the spawn of Satan inserted under my eyelids as a horrific joke and are reacting well to them. I have to wear them four hours a day for the first week, so you might be seeing me without my glasses which, for some of you, might be the first time ever.

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Congratulations on the new glasses. I suspect that those of us who've never had glasses don't really appreciate what it is to be able to see properly.

I suspect you're right. If my reaction to being able to see well in my whole field of view with the contacts ("holy crap! This is 20/20 vision?!") is any indication, what I'm used to is far, far different than what non-glasses-wearing people are used to.

And thanks! A new pair of glasses is always lovely.

Woo, congratulations! I remember how surprised I was when I got my new lenses a couple of months ago -- I spent a couple of days just wandering around looking at distant objects and marvelling. Hope all goes well with the contacts!

yeah, contacts do rock. I've always liked contacts way better than
glasses see how you like it.
Disposable daily contacts are way better than the monthly ones comfort wise I've found- more expensive though- cleaning the monthly ones properly goes a long way towards non- satanic things happening.

I had the dailies for a trial and there was a lot of visual weirdness. The contact guy has got me trying a bunch of different contacts and solutions in combinations to see what works best. Right now I'm wearing a pair of silicone two-week leave-in contacts, which should be interesting. So far they don't do the weird ghosting that the others did, but I've yet to see if they're comfortable enough.

weird, I've never really had any "ghosting" but you never see as clearly as you do with glasses. Why contacts anyway?

I just don't think those ones sat right on my eyes, so they'd send a bit of light in the wrong direction and give things halos sometimes.

The "why" is mostly because I want to have contacts for those times where glasses just don't work, like at the beach or running and stuff like that. If I have some, then I can use them when it's convenient. The current plan is to wear my glasses for the most part, though, after this trial period where I have to wear them constantly.

No glasses? Wow. I wonder how far off the day is when I won't recognise you in th estreet.

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