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Yay sick!
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Woke up this morning with a developing tension headache, which then got worse. Body aches and light-headedness seems to indicate that I’ve come down with some kind of flu or something like. Unsurprisingly, this happens immediately after I got my Christmas shopping done—it’s well-documented that suddenly lowered stress is correlated with getting sick, and that’s why so many students suddenly fall ill right after exams. It seems I just extended that a little bit.

I’m taking it easy today and getting lots of liquids and bed rest. I have a wonderful darthmaus to take care of me. Here’s hoping I get better quick, ’cause being sick for Christmas would suck.

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I will feed you ginger ale and tea and soup, and say "Oooh, poor baby!" until you are so annoyed with the fussing that through sheer force of will you are healed!


Bleah -- being sick over the holidays sucks. Feel better soon!

I've got the evil flu too... I recommend lots of lying around and drinking hot liquids. I hope your holiday plans will permit lots of rest. Get well and be merry!

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