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File under "Damned Cool"
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The AJAX Translator is a proof-of-concept for a web-based language translator that translates as you type. Is that not Nifty? Try it out.

If you don't have any idea what to type, you can borrow my pantsexample text:

Hello, and welcome to my pants. You will be served tacos and fish on this flight. On the left, you can see a large hippopotamus.

Which gives in German:

Hallo und Willkommen zu meinen Hosen. Ihnen werden tacos und Fische auf diesem Flug gedient. Auf dem links können Sie ein großes hippopotamus sehen.

...and in Italian:

Ciao e benvenuto ai miei pantaloni. Sarete serviti i tacos ed i pesci su questo volo. A sinistra, potete vedere un grande hippopotamus.

...and French:

Bonjour, et bienvenue à mon pantalon. Vous serez servis des tacos et des poissons sur ce vol. Du côté gauche, vous pouvez voir un grand hippopotamus.

So many pants...

Update: The way it's designed means that it's really absurdly easy to translate a piece of text back and forth through a number of languages multiple times. We all know that game—this translator just takes it to a stupid degree. After I-don't-know how many iterations through several language pairs, the above text became:

Hello and boa.vinda with trousers of the well. Parchè of the books of note and for fish in this flight, is distributes it in Dosenhippopotamus left and large sees useful.

I am thoroughly entertained.

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You might want to put commata between your tags, coz LJ treats them as one otherwise. :)

D'oh. Damnit, all of Flickr, LJ, and delicious insist on treating tags differently so that I can hardly remember which way I'm supposed to type them.

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