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A game of Lexicon
I’m thinking of starting up a game of Lexicon on my new server at lexicon.pipemaze.com.

The idea is that players take on the role of scholars documenting something, be it a world, historical event, period of history, country, or whatever. During the course of the 26 rounds of the game each player writes one entry in an encyclopedia for each letter of the alphabet, citing articles written (or yet to be written) by the other players in each article. The articles have a suggested length of 100-200 words, but this isn’t school so it’s only a suggestion to give people something to work with. A round lasts as long as it takes for all players to get their entries for the current letter done. A game of Lexicon takes a month or so, depending on how zealous the players are about making entries. The game runs on wiki software, so editing and linking articles is easy.

Who’s interested in playing? I’m thinking of starting a game in the next week or three. I figure three or four players is a good number, but the game can accommodate any number, really. I’m also open to suggestions for what the player’s prompt should be. You can take a look around what I’ve got up on the server and read the article I linked at the top of this entry for more on what the game is like.

EDIT: Email gm@lexicon.pipemaze.com or IM me if you want to register an account.

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I think I'm interested in such a thing. It would be fun to write with a purpose.

Sure! If you've got a character name thought up already, send an email to gm@lexicon.pipemaze.com and I'll set up an account under that name and email you back with a temporary password.

I'm in! And I'll think of a name for my scholar when you give me a setting. :)

oOo...I might be into that.

Cool. When you've decided on a name for your scholar, send me an email at gm@lexicon.pipemaze.com and I'll set up an account for you.

Sounds nice but I'm afraid I didn't really understand the rules O_O

I've written some (hopefully clear enough) rules at http://lexicon.pipemaze.com/lex0/Lexicon:Rules .

Does that help?

(Deleted comment)
Great! Shoot me an email at gm@lexicon.pipemaze.com with an account/scholar character name and I'll send you back a temporary password. If you need inspiration, read the game's prompt.

Interesting enough to play?

IU'll send you an e-mail or IM when I'm coherent again. prolly about 10 hours or so

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