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Pom Poko
We just watched Pom Poko. We'll never look at raccoons the same way again.

Two words: shape-shifting testicles.

Yes, really.

It's by Studio Ghibli, the same studio that produced Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, and all the rest of Hayao Miyazaki's stuff. This isn't Miyazaki, but it's by his right-hand man, Isao Takahata. This is a Disney release. When the Disney editors realised what they had to work with, I think they likely crapped themselves.

I got my "recommendation" from a Catharsis Comic doodle about raccoons. I thought she was overstating it for comedic effect. Truly, it is not possible to understand without seeing the movie. J.B., I... I understand.

I own a copy now! Despite the utter weirdness, I would watch it again. Anyone darewant to come over and watch it? :-D

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Sounds vaguely like a plan! Is during the week any good for you? Wednesday night is probably my best considering my shiny-new course schedule.

Wednesday the 18th?

Wanna meet on the drive, get food, and proceed?

I'm not out of class Wednesday until 5:30, but if meeting at 6:30 for food and a consequently late-ish viewing works for you I'm good for that! Is your place good or shall I make arrangements here?

Let's do my place, cuz it's convinient (at least for me).

Oh, and I plan to go to an afternoon lecture on campus that day, so should I just meet you after class? where is it?

It's in WMX 3250 and gets out at 5:30.

sweet. I'll be there.

is it cool if I invite Erin? She's expressed interest.

Erm. I was going to suggest darthmaus come along for the food portion (she's not interest in seeing the movie again). So, Erin would make that awkward not happen.

Even during the movie I think I'd be more comfortable if not...

OK, I'll just meet up with you after class, then.

Okay. Sorry. Still not quite there...

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