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Raccoons everywhere...
I saw a raccoon while I was walking near Commercial Drive. It was on the lawn just beside the sidewalk at dusk, snuffling around looking for interesting things. It didn’t run as I got near so I stopped and chatted with it and took a picture from about two armspans away. It ambled off around a fence corner when it spotted a dog being walked approaching.

I’ll post the picture as soon as I get it uploaded (which will be when I get everything from December 7th through now sorted and uploaded to Flickr).

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thought I'd find a post that wasn't crowded. I dropped by the other night and met Ray. He said that you were at mouse's. Ah, some other time. Ray- big dude.

Yeah, my schedule's been crowded recently: first with school dropping like a tonne of bricks, second with Mouse travelling so much this month and I'm trying to get what little time I can with her.

Speaking of which, next Friday won't work since I'm meeting Mouse at the airport when she's coming back (and then heading right back out the next day, ew). A weekday night, including Sunday nights, is probably the best for my schedule.

What's your schedule look like? You must be really busy with the school and the working and zomgbbqkitten.

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