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The car has been taken away. It suffered a lot of mildew and rifling through by ne’er-do-wells while it was sitting uninsured out back, but now it is off to either rehabilitation or the great scrap-heap in the sky.

A moment of silence for all the good driving I got out of it.


Yay! I’m free!

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Are you going to be free from cars? Or just that particular car?

That particular one was an albatross.

I generally don't need a car though, being a student and close to transit. I'm pondering a share in the Canadian Auto Network which has cars scattered all through Vancouver as I do have the rare need to head out to the Valley, but I'm pretty content getting around sans-vehicle right now.

You should like, bury a hubcap in tribute or something.

I've got the license plates, but I'd feel guilty committing any part of such a grimy creature to the ground...

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