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Mu Dan Rose jasmine tea
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Mu Dan Rose jasmine tea
Originally uploaded by Saxifrage.
Mu Dan Rose tea is one of the neatest and tastiest green teas I've had. It's whole green tea leaves hand-tied around a flower blossom so that it's a tight ball. When it's steeped the leaves and blossom unfold and infuse the water with lovely flavours.

Steeps at Laurel and Broadway is where I discovered this delicacy. They have two varieties, jasmine and carnation. Among my errands today I sat down and relaxed for a bit and tried the Mu Dan Rose jasmine (I'd tried the carnation the first time), and the experience was just as good as I remembered it. It's a tea to savour and sit with for a while, and the atmosphere and service at Steeps is well-suited to that.

I want to get some to take home, but first I'd have to find some place that sells nice glass teapots like the one shown here—it'd be a shame and a waste to steep it in anything else. Steeps, oddly, doesn't have any on display for sale, though next time I'm there I plan to inquire.

(There are a handful more pictures under my "Mu Dan Rose" tag.)

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Try the Bayswater Tea Company at 2966 W. Broadway. I know the lady who runs the store - her store used to be right next to Celtic Woollens. The store's phone number is (604) 733-5767. They carry pretty much everything tea-related.

I live really close to Steeps and have never been there. I think that I shall have to go there soon! That's some very pretty tea.

Thanks for the tip! I'll have to check that out next time I'm MacDonald-ward.

I don't know if you ever go into Metrotown (I try to stay out myself, but it's Adrian's favorite Mall and they *do* have a T and T) - anywhoo, there's a kiosk downstairs near the Lush store that seems to sell a very wide assortment of glass teapots. I steer clear, because I don't need another teapot, but they'd likely have something that suited you.

T at broadway and granville sells glass teapots, and some of my favorite teas... it's just down from the cactus club between granville and fir...

happy hunting:)

Oh yes, they're good too. I shoulda thought of them!

The photo you have up tempted me so much I had to venture up to try this tea, what a beautiful tea, tastey and beautiful.

Thanks for the compliment! It's hard to capture a tea in a photo, but I think I did well enough.

I'm glad I've introduced another to this wonderful tea. :-D

Your picture was wonderful, it is what sold me on it in the first instance! So warm inviting and captures the beauty perfectly!

I did see a few of the carnation versions for sale in China Town at Ten Ren Tea. However, I went home with my first love Jasmine Dragon Ball instead.

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