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Computer Love
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I have a sexy new 12" iBook laptop. It fits in my backpack easily and it's light to carry around.

It's interesting how many places have accidental wireless internet because someone nearby has left their wireless network open. Alas, SFU's wireless network, though covering most of the campus fairly well, has had really crappy DNS issues the past two terms. Last term I didn't really care about it (though I heard enough people complaining), but now I know exactly how annoying it is to be getting full bars while the SFU servers that make the internet uplink go aren't working.

I'm loving the operating system—I always said that I loved the hardware and hated the software, but since OS X was released I've had nothing to hate. There's all sorts of lovely software for it too. I've got a non-Microsoft office suite (NeoOffice, based on OpenOffice.org), an LJ client, Firefox, a good and amusing IM client (Adium—I have the Badger as my dock icon, and he dances when I've a message). I'm using iTunes for music playing right now and it has some nice features. Most importantly, however, I downloaded the OggVorbis QuickTime component from Xiph.org so that iTunes and other QT-using apps can understand my .ogg files, which make up most of my music collection.

Mac users out there: what other software is out there that is a Must Have?
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Oh baby. I am now writhing in Mac envy. Totally with you on OS X. Anything less is painful. But since my iMac bit the dust, I've had to make do with this refurbished Dell and the evil that is windows. Might get the BigKid to put Linux on it - but not until this semester is over.

If you want to start using a Linux system with a near-non-existence of work involved, download and burn (or get him to do it) a copy of Ubuntu's Live CD. Then you can just pop it in the drive, reboot the Windows machine, and it comes back up as Linux. Take the disk out and reboot and it's back to Windows, because it runs off the CD without changing your system. No setup, no fuss—it either works or it doesn't, and it works on every machine I've tried so far.

Sounds familiar. I should try it. Yep, I'm slothful and want the benefits of Linux without the tweak-and-geek.

If you use IRC, Snak is the client of choice. Also MacStumbler for spotting wireless networks, OurTunes for blatant piracy, if that's your thing (wholesale downloading from iTunes shares), MP3 Sushi Server if you ever need to stream audio (not sure how/if it handles oggs), OSXvnc for handling multiple machines, and NFS Manager to make setting up NFS shares much, much simpler.

fink does a decent job bringing dselect to the Mac, but its packages are often well out of date. Better than compiling everything by hand yourself, though.

many places have accidental wireless internet

Sometimes that wireless internet access is not accidental.

In Powell River, I made a point of ensuring that my wireless internet access was open and available to all in range. The same thing is happening here in my new Vancouver house.

It costs me nothing to provide this to others, as I use a service that does not charge me a variable rate for bandwidth usage and I can certainly block anyone who would use the access to attempt to get into my network for nefarious purposes or use my bandwidth is such a way as to reduce the usefulness of my access.

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