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Canada votes
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Y'all are gonna go vote on Monday, right? Good! Oh, you there in the corner trying to look inconspicuous. Yeah, you! Don't be a wanker—go vote. I don't care if you haven't a clue who the candidates are, but get to the polling station conveniently located in your very own neighbourhood. It's not like our system requires you to be registered beforehand or even to have ID when you vote. No excuses. Spoil your ballot if you don't want to support anyone or don't know who to vote for, but walk or drive the few blocks to the polling station and participate!

What's that? You are all voting? Yeah, that's what I like to hear.

(For all the non-Canadians out there, just take this message and apply it when your own elections come around. And if you're in that place of electoral-system tragedy just south of here... well, I'm deeply sorry.)

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I refuse to vote on Monday!!!

I voted last Saturday. :)

One of the first elections I'm finally starting to become interested in and I can't vote..! Ah well. There's always next time?

I already promised the woman who sold me a florescent pink condom machine that I'd vote on Monday!!

She sold you a whole machine? And it's fluorescent pink! Awesome.

Connel Warehouse
4250 Dawson St. in Burnaby is having a huge sale on props and suchlike.
All day Saturday and Sunday, til 4pm.

All kinds of odd furnature and such. My condom machine looks like it should dispense, but actually doesn't.

I got mine as a bright pink one that says, in large friendly letters (of course) can't feel shit. "For her pleasure" in pink was already taken, "Ultra sensitive" in yellow was still avalible, as was a clinical white one with a sticker going on about "Safe Sex: For information on how to use condoms, contact your scool's sexual education teacher."

There was also an assortment of sanitary napkin dispensers, and paper towels holders and such.

We know about our unfortunate system that tends to ignore the will of the people in favor of the will of the people. If we could fix the damn thing, it might help, but right now, we just have to sit here and watch you go through nice procedures for fairly effective voting and try to beat our own guys about the head and shoulders until they decide to institute something that works and isn't subject to massive fraud at the whim of one of the two candidates.

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