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Nobody will take Pookie. The SPCA in Vancouver is full, the other SPCAs don't want to take a cat outside their jurisdiction, the shelter that Cats Only Vet recommended is also full. Everyone is telling me she's not adoptable because "house soiling" is her problem. She just hates other cats! All she needs is a home without other cats and she'd be fine...

The SPCA in Vancouver offered a slim chance. They just got 52 rescued cats in, and maybe there will be some room next week. She assured me that the chance of someone taking Pookie home was slim to none, but they might be able to try if only they had room. The poor woman sounded as harried as I felt. She said that in all likelihood Pookie will have to be put down...

This fucking sucks.

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if you google around, you might find some listings of no-kill-shelters around here. however, there are a couple issues:

1) they're often full
2) they're usually over-crowded houses
3) they're often full of FIV.

Although Guin is currently tolerating a cat, ours probably would not get along at all: that sucks :( I hope you find a good home for her.

Is there a time-line or a (erm).. deadline? We have done cat-sitting, cat-respite care in the past.

Re: This fucking sucks.

Thanks for the offer. It certainly makes some options more possible. For instance, if I have to move, a month where she's not in this environment might make all the difference for what places I can consider. I'll see what my options are and I'll keep this thought in mind.

Re: This fucking sucks.

We had Lucy for a month or so. It gave her the time (away from other cats) that she needed. She is back in her own home now, and seems much better able to deal with sharing space (two other cats live there).

Oh, sweetie. I'm so sorry.

I'm sure you've thought of nearly everything but I'll take a crack at digging up possibilities.

(A thought: if I'm going back to school soon, I'm going to have to move into a dingy closetmore affordable apartment anyway... maybe I can find somewhere that cats are OK, and move sooner rather than later? How long can you hang on?)


I really wish it wasn't so! :(

Damn this. If you only lived closer, I'd offer to take her as soon as I'm back in Summer in a heartbeat.

I know you would. That several-thousand-miles-apart thing really sucks.

If there would be a possibilty to get the flight ticket payed somehow, I'd do it. This breaks my heart.

You could talk to my mom... she's catless right now.

Pookie'd make a terrible boat cat. She'd be threatened by another cat merely walking down the dock where she can see it. That, and she has the adventurousness of a slug. She'd hate it when the engines were turned on. She's a very neurotic cat.

Did you call Meow-Aid? That was Persephone_qd's advice.


Thanks, I'll give them a call tomorrow. They say they specialise in hard-to-place cats, older cats, and ones with behavioural issues. That certainly describes Pookie...

I may not end up adopting her out. I'm looking at what my other options are. The more leads the better, though. Thanks.

Oh no :(


Did you try Craigslist? People sometimes get mad when they read cat postings on there, but.. maybe worth a try?

I'm watching Pom Poko on channel 46 right now.. this is.. um

Yeah, "um" is the way to describe it.

I haven't tried Craigslist. Mostly it's too late for that and I need to figure out a change I can make now. I have some ideas though, now.

Here's some comments from a SPCA worker on maternity leave...


I qm so sorry that she is ending up being such a pain
and I am even more sorry that, for her sake, she is having such difficult times with other cats

*sighs* I wish there was something that I could do to help... in fact, if there is anything - money wise or anything please let me know and I will do my best to help out
even if it means helping her find a home better suited to her for I would hate to see her have to be put down
that would just be terrible

*hugs and such*

Yeah, I'm not willing to put her down for this. I was depressed enough about the idea of her going to a shelter and being all alone, so the thought of putting her down is just horrible. My current plan is looking at a move to an apartment that'll be just her and mine so that she's got a better environment. We'll see how that pans out.

I'm still not sure that, even given a lack of other cats, I have enough time for the amount of attention she needs. In any case, she'll be much easier to adopt out to a good home directly when she's happier. So, this plan buys me and her a lot of time.

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