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New apartment
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So I've got the keys to my new apartment.

Woah, right. Backup.

So none of the shelters will take Pookie because she's "house soiling", and I'm honest to a fault and won't hide that from them. I know it's situational (only around other cats), but they don't trust that and so she's "unadoptable". I'm also unwilling to have her put down for something like this, so that only leaves changing the situation as a solution. So, I'm moving.

It's a nice little apartment a couple blocks from Nanaimo and Hastings, which is an area I know well enough. One bedroom, hardwood floors, recently renovated so it's got modern fixtures, and the building manager seems to run a tight ship. They did a credit check instead of a reference check, so I know my fellow apartment-dwellers are at least solvent and haven't ruined their financial lives with drugs and other bad choices. Doesn't eliminate every potential problem tenant, but it does go a long way.

Anyway. So, I'm moving as of this week. Thursday I'll be moved in in a minimal way so that Pookie can get used to it and I have somewhere to sleep and do homework and eat. This weekend should be the emptying of my current room to make way for cleaning and de-catting. That will leave a few odds and ends, a handful of large objects like bookshelves, and then I'll be substantially moved in. The place needs a few things yet—I'm thinking of a breakfast-bar with stools kind of thing to separate the kitchen and living area, and I'll need some closet-organising stuffs too.

And there will be an apartment warming at some point. Most likely, it will involve games and junk food. However, it will be an un-rowdy apartment warming, as they're serious about noise disturbances there. Which suits me just fine normally.

I did a walk-through of the place with my camera set to video mode, to give my sweetie darthmaus an idea of the place despite her being in the wrong country at the moment. It's at http://saxifrage.pipemaze.com/video/apartment.avi, but be warned that it's 45 megs of download just to see an empty apartment and to hear me muse about how to use the space.

(Update: Here's a link to a smaller version of the video, at 7.3 megs. It's in mp4 format, though, which is the only target format I could transcode to successfully with my available tools.)

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I am so very happy to know you are getting a place with the Pookie-cat.

I can't wait to see it!

Glad to hear Pookie's going to be okay! The new apartment must be exciting too! I wonder if I'll ever see any of the places you live! ;)

If you spend any time out here after grad before taking off to Alberta, almost certainly! Also, there's still the vague plan of getting you out here for a day at SFU if your parents can get comfortable with that idea.

It looks like it will be great RPing space, too, which means if you are ever allowed to play and come out here for it...

It must be a pain to have to move again so soon, but I would have done the same thing in your place.

I'm still not unpacked from the last move. Granted, that's normal for me even a few years after the move in question, but still it's only been a few months.

It will be an interesting change and a bunch of positive stuff might fall off of it. The moving itself is the only part that is going to suck. The plus side includes being in walking distance of die Maus and being two blocks from direct-to-SFU transit, grocery shopping, and a bunch of cafés and such. Not to mention the magic-card shop only a five minute walk up the street...

That sounds cool and I really, really admire that you move because of Pookie. I have a girl on my friendsfriendslist that lives with her cat in a one room apartment and posts stuff like "omg he vomited on my bed, bad cat." Yeah, WHY does he do that, hmmm?!

Go you and greetings to Pooks.

Pookie vomits on the bed too; it's a cat thing. My response is "Pookie, you're such a class act." And then I throw the covers in the washing machine and think of it no more. :-)

Well, my cat never vomited on my bed, maybe I was lucky? ;) I guess the example was chosen badly, but from the descriptions I read the cat really is distressed in the tiny apartment.

With Pookie it's a matter of hairballs, her being so extraordinarily fluffy. Most often it will be on the floor, but sometimes she'll not make it off the bed in time...

Yeah, a non-fluffy cat that's regularly throwing up? In a small apartment? Not a happy cat.

That you're moving for Pookie is but one illustration of but one of the many qualities for which I love you wildly.

And if you can parse *that* sentence, you are as sleep-deprived as I am ;-)

I'm still downloading the video (damned hotel net access...)

I'm at your disposal for moving help (hey, I don't get to pack your kitchen this time! Although when we unpack the stuff from your storage locker you'll find that cute note I left in one of the boxes last time we moved you :-) as soon as I get back into town!

Getting stuff for your own place is the best part! The part where you lose lots of money is well, not that great...

But new house yay!

Setting up the new place will be fun! The lack of funds to do so will be a pain... but they'll come in good time. In the meantime, lots of room to sprawl playing video and board games. ;-)

Ooo, or hosting DnD? Hm, maybe not, given the location is far from everyone else...

OOo, the video walkthrough was cool. Good idea. Looks like a nice place. Clean. Good new stove. Nice size. I hope Pookie apreciates it. :)

I hope so too! Boy would it be a pain if she doesn't.

Yay! I'm glad you get to keep your Pookie.

Let me know if I can help with the adventure of moving ... I am sadly without Jeep at the moment, but I have a strong back, man shaped arms, and am foolish enough to lift heavy things all day.

Thanks for the offer! I've actually got very few things that are going to be hard to move physically. The biggest challenge is transportation for this stuff, so poo for the lack of jeep. The thought is much appreciated though. I'll keep it in mind if I find I need some man-shaped arms...

you rock so hard
and I cannot thank you enough for taking such good care of Pookie
it is great to know that she has such a good person to look after her

I do hope that she does stop house soiling and that it all works out

huge hugs to you!

She seems much less territorial here. Granted, she's only been here a few hours and she's spent as much of it as possible hiding under the bed covers... But I think she'll like it here much better. :-D

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