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Yay, again
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Yay, the first all-nighter essay of the term. This not sleeping a full night thing is doing wonders for me getting my work done this term. On the other hand, I like sleep...

Being able to toss off a decent essay in just a few hours is cool, though. I just have to remind myself of that before it gets to "just a few hours" before I need to hand it in and I'll be golden.

Off to school with me now! I've got two tests today. I think I may have miscalculated somewhere.

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Ouch, poor sweetie!! :-(

On the plus side, I rocked all over those exams! The linguistics one I even finished in half the allotted time. :-D

That is awesome :)

Are you finding that sleep dep makes you sharp, at least temporarily? I find that... of course I get very *dull* by the end of the day, but in the morning at least ;-)

I find it makes me slow... but I think the adrenal system is on a shorter standby, so I kick into high gear when needed rather well.

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