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New apartment post
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I'm posting from the accidental wireless at my new apartment. Yay! I need to call Shaw today and see about getting my own hooked up ASAP. I wish there was some way of finding out whose wireless I'm leeching so that I can thank them later.

Pookie is moved in now and she's hiding in the covered little box (it's the only thing with an "underneath" right now, so I don't blame her). As usual she hated the car ride, meowing piteously the whole way. Hopefully she will settle in soon.

Now to... do stuff. Hm. There's not much here...

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there was some way of finding out whose wireless I'm leeching
I'm pretty sure there is. My BigKid, who uses a lot of hotspots in his business (journalism) was talking about that the other week.

If you could ask him about that, that'd be cool. I'm not aware of any way of finding the location of a wireless link save wandering around with a wireless strength-meter and triangulating it. (I think the building manager would look at me funny if I tried that...)

Yeah, you might want to tell them that they are open to the world.

And not only that, but they're not doing it deliberately! They're wide open, to such a degree that I could get into their router's adiministration panel trivially. From the logs there, I can see that a lot of people have used their 'net access just in the past two weeks.

yay!! Yeah, Pookie sure hates the car rides. I've got some scars on my thighs to prove it.

She settled in so well at the last place she had all to herself, so hopefully she'll like this place too.

And I will see you soon!

roaming the free wireless at PDX

How is the Pookster liking the new place? =)

She's much happier! I think she's bored that there aren't more interesting things in the apartment (like furniture and such to sleep on/in/under), but darthmaus think's I'm just projecting. (That'll be fixed soon enough anyway.) She's had no marking issues at all, and I think there won't be any.

I'm so glad it's working out for Pookie!

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