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All the things you forget
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All the things you forget you need become obvious with amazing clarity as soon as you move into a new place.

The first utensil in my home is my swedish-style cheese slicer, brought from my old place. It's also the only utensil and the only piece of kitchenware at all. This constrained my options for my first shopping trip. (I didn't want to eat out right away, especially since Donald's Market is right there [so awesome!].) I bought bread, pickles, cheese, and some packaged sandwich meat.

Cheese and sandwich meat come in sealed plastic, I realise now. Ironically, I brought my celtic dagger with me for purely psychological comfort, and its first task is to open my shaved turkey and cheese. Ironically again, eating was actually the most common use of such daggers in the 14th century, so it's actually appropriate.

Holy crap, that thing is sharp. Yay!

(Note: I'm actually fine for kitchen stuff, as I have a whole kitchen packed and in storage. I just need to get it here... A couch/area rug/chairs I could use, though, if such things are forthcoming.)

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We just dumped our remaining extraneous kitchen gear on Value Village after supplying some to anna_would and breklor. At the moment, all we seem to have left is some random unmatched drinking glasses and something called a "simmer server". It's a kind of serving tray for hot dishes with a thermostat to keep food warm.

Thanks for the implied offer, but I'm actually fine for most things. I still have an entire kitchen packed in storage from before my last move—it's just a matter of getting it here sans vehicle. I'll probably do it in pieces...

I have this big rocking chair in the living room that I'm sure would entertain at least one of your guests!

Oh yeah! If Mouse doesn't have room for it right now, she might not mind if it lives here for a bit. :-)

That's not a half bad idea -- I was thinking sax might be able to use that rug that was in my office, if you haven't found a use for it.

I'll give ya a call this weekend, now that I'm not traveling in far-flung lands :)

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