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Bush would rather..?
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In the State of the Union address, Bush said:

"In a system of two parties, two chambers and two elected branches, there will always be differences and debate. But even tough debates can be conducted in a civil tone."

Maybe it's just me, or does it sound like he's sorry that there are so many as two parties, and he thinks that having so many is responsible for the lamentable political friction he mentions? I almost think he'd rather be heading the One True Party of the One True Country.

Am I reaching? Maybe it's just a poor turn of phrase on his (or his speech-writer's) part. Even if that's all, it shows that the President has a remarkably poor familiarity with any reality other than the two-party system. I wonder if he's even aware how the rest of the developed world functions politically?

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Welcome! Good luck getting the place--Tillie mentioned it to me and it sounds great.

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