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As if the Dungeons & Dragons movie wasn't enough
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There is now a direct-to-DVD Dungeons and Dragons 2: Wrath of the Dragon God. The first user comment when I looked it up at IMDB was "Surprisingly good." Maybe a rental would be worth it just for the sheer camp—I think getting my hopes up that this will redeem the first one might be too much to ask.

Anyone game? I'm pretty sure this one won't have any raccoon testicles in it.

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I've been thinking that instead of basing it directly on the game, a movie based on the cartoon based on the game would be an interesting direction to take things. (Actually, the start of the trailer for Final Destination 3, which starts with a roller coaster ride gone wrong, tricked me into thinking that's what I was seeing for a few seconds.)

Although that might drift into this territory a bit.

I suspect that the cartoon may be too much a product of the 80s to work. Dungeons & Dragons has come far enough in the public-image department that I rather suspect a bunch of kids falling into a "real" game of D&D might hark back too much to the days when it was considered the Game of Satan for Wizards' taste.

Still, it would be damned cool.

Excellent! Now I just have to furnish my apartment so we've someplace to sit...

I'd be up for it. It can't be good, and it's got a high likelihood of being campy-bad, so as long as it's raccoon-free, I wouldn't say no.

Oh, excellently appropriate icon.

I will look for it as a rental, then.

Count me in too, as long as mockery is acceptable ;-)

one-woman peanut gallery

D&D (no longer AD&D :(

Since I haven't seen the *first* one, perhaps it should be a marathon, assuming you can get both at the same time?

I'm in also. I did kinda like the first one but I had very low expectations.

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