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Brain virus
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I've had the word "catafalque" stuck in my head for the past two days. I don't know how it got there, or why it's so persistently stuck. I didn't even know what it meant until I looked it up. Never mind that, though, I wasn't even sure it was a real word until I asked darthmaus if it was, got a blank, and had to check.

Does anyone out there actually know what it means without having to look it up? If you do (or for those of you who look it up), you can understand how I'd be perplexed as to where it got into my head from. I mean really! It's not the sort of word that you'd hear in passing on the radio or something.

Living in my head is weird sometimes. Catafalque catafalque catafalque. Amusing, but weird.

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It's a bier, right? Something funereal.

I think I remember that from a book about the assassination of Abraham Lincoln that I read a long, long time ago. Catafalque catafalque catafalque.

I'm also glad to see that I'm not the only one with Zippy-esque echolalia for interesting words. :-)

Points for you! It's a little more specific than that according to Mary's dictionary—a carved decorative wooden stand that goes under the coffin (as distinct from "bier", I'm not sure how).

Though I had to look up "echolalia". :-)

There appear to be a couple of meanings.

Echolalia is a very useful word. Echolalia echolalia echolalia.

He routinely humbles me with his vocabulary -- it's a whole new thing for me to not feel like the local walking dictionary anymore!

And, of course, *swoon* :)

Isn't it like the cloth covering on a coffin in medieval times?

Very close! See the link in the comments above for some meanings. Half points and a complimentary cup of tea. :-)

I was trying to answer without a) resorting to dictionary.com or b) cheating by reading the other smart people's answers ;)

That is kind of creepy. Maybe you're hearing a call to visit ancient cathedrals and reliquaries?

Once in high school I had a dream that a friend called me quixotic. I wasn't sure if that was a word either, until I looked it up. Of course I was quixotic - it was high school.

The human brain has a strange filing system.

A very strange filing system. I love it.

The other night I had a dream in that space between very early morning and waking. As the dream ended I, for some reason, decided I hadn't had enough and invoked the "deleted scenes" feature of the dream and had a bit more dreaming about a particular part of the dream. It was strange and I had to laugh when I woke and realised it was strange.

I've had the word "ovenable" stuck in my head for days.

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