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I can hear Canada Place again from my new place! Sweet! I didn't reallise how much I missed that.

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It's always nice to get something good back.

Yeah, and the hardwood floors that don't suck monkey ass are a nice upgrade from the last apartment I had in this area. Ahh, luxury...

I didn't realize that you could here it from your other place downtown.
But- there's no place like home.

Yeah. Sometimes I would miss it if there was something noisy right at noon, or if I was playing music. But most days I could hear it even with the windows closed.

yeah, I find music a powerful reminder of memories or even breaths of the moment, isn't Canada place far away from your house though?

It is! But when it plays the first four notes of "O Canada" at noon you can hear it really far away.

I thought that was from the BC Hydro Building. It used ot be on the old BC Hydro Building on Burrard, but they moved it to the new building on Pender. Or so I was informed. :)

You may be entirely right. It's very near the water at least, as I recall it being unconscionably loud on weekends when I was staying over at Erin's at the marina near Canada Place.

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