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What the hell, let's do a meme
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Commander Brad tagged me with this meme. Usually I ignore being tagged, but it's sufficiently late at night and it's an interesting enough question that I'm going to do it.

Like, later though.

Okay, it's later now.

What five things can I be bribed with? The following* come to mind:
  1. Sexy electronics
  2. Good cooking
  3. Organising an event that I'm responsible for. I hate organising.
  4. Particularly good company and conversation (Goes well with number 2 and 5)
  5. Certain kinds of games, whether given or being offered to play
*Results may vary from briber to briber. Buyer satisfaction not guaranteed. Not to be taken internally.

As for tagging people, I tag you! That is, if you wanna.
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Nice disclaimer! Your wit never fails to amuse me. What is this tagging? Is it just a call for organized opinions to be passed around?

There are a particular breed of meme which, at the end, you're supposed to "tag" (as in the game of tag) a bunch of people that now have to do the meme.

I think it's a silly practice—any meme that has to resort to trying to tell people to reproduce it has insufficiently good memetics to breed by itself. I see it as a sign of inferority in a meme's lineage.

I agreed in principle, however, much depends on the sense and selectivity of the tagger.

That's true. I still think it shows that the meme itself is of low pedigree. After all, if the meme was a strong and healthy one, it wouldn't need to ask people to spread it.

Ah. You are a believer in eumemetics, then.

I guess I do have a certain amount of disdain for information that is underachieving.

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