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Weekend adventures
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The Totoro debacle mentioned in my last post is actually on the end-cap of my weekend. There was much other lovely fun stuff as well, though I seem to have run out of steam for going into the details right now. I brief:

I don't remember what I did Friday night. Something involving die Maus, I know... Oh, and lots of laundry that day.

Saturday I cleaned my house more, met with my Mom who had a couch and floor lamp for me, and she and I ended up rearranging most of my apartment. She has an amazing amount of energy and enthusiasm. I like my new couch, and most importantly so does Pookie. It matches her fur, even. I also got my wireless router picked up from the old place and now have good, strong wireless internet at my new place. Yay!

Saturday evening, met with die Maus and fimmtiu to go to the party chez bioentropy where Tarkin was playing and other neat people were met. We left early to meet up with neomeruru and go to a drag king show being put on by SFU's Out on Campus at The Mix on Abbott street as the Queer Awareness Week end-party. It was a blast, and I discovered that a double gin and tonic, no ice, is a much more efficient and pleasant gin delivery mechanism than two disappointing singles with ice. The kinging performances were amazingly creative and hot. I even danced a few times between the shows, once getting dragged up onto the (unoccupied) stage with Maus by another couple. I still can't dance, but I think I've figured out how to fake it. We four left around 1:20 and crashed at my place after eating some cheese and pickled beets. Mmm.

Sunday morning Linds took off for home and getting ready for work and we three tried an all-day-breakfast diner across the street from my place called King's Cafe (appropriately enough). It was excellent and affordable, and we'll be haunting there more in the future I'm sure. So lots of... brunch... later, and she and fimmtiu take off for their afternoon plans while I head downtown to satisfy a craving for USB gamepad. Mmm. Found a Madcatz one I like that has a decent D-pad for playing emulated Super Nintendo games. Also got the aforementioned My Neighbor Totoro DVD, and a bunch of general house items that I've been lacking since I moved.

I guess that wasn't so brief. Well, I guess I didn't go into much detail about the parties. In any case, overall it was an excellent weekend.

Now, sleep. And hopefully the administration has come back to the table at SFU and there won't be a strike called this week. Boy, that'd make getting final papers and projects in very interesting.

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glad to hear that you are doing well
and that Pookie is settling in nicely - no problems?

*hugs to you and Maus and everyone*

Pookie has settled nicely. There was one problem, when she decided that a bookshelf (that was in the livingroom and which the other cats probably slept on at several points) was a Bad Thing and peed all over it. That was quickly binned and there's be no problems at all since. So, I think Mission Accomplished.

Mmm, brunch. Looks like UBC is still up for at least the next week, fortunately. Let's hope this gets settled sooner rather than later.

(Deleted comment)
YAY! Thank you! And yes, that might have been silly over the phone.

Choices, choices...

Did you ever determine what the never forget dino was all about?

There! I finally got around to ordering one. Alas, online shopping somehow seems like it should give instant gratification and then forces you to wait...

FYI -- on Friday March 10 we went to Grapes Gone Wild II at The Yellow House. No wonder you don't remember! ;-)

Right! Duh. Memory like a sieve, I have.

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