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Headbutt Batman
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Questionable Content made a Wesley Willis reference in the latest strip, who is a singer-songwriter (for lack of a better term) whose work (to use another term loosely) fimmtiu recently introduced me to.

I am constantly amused at the smallness of the world. It's just too bad that I'm not actually a fan of Wesley Willis.

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I just don't see how you can fail to appreciate such gems as "Cut The Mullet" and "The Chicken Cow". Philistine!

The good news is rock n' roll, baby!

Also pleased to see that Jerkcity has succeeded in spreading the /[dh]ur+/ conversational meme.

Those webcomic authors are notoriously incestuous—no wonder it's spreading. Next thing you know we'll be seeing T-Rex going all "hurrr hurrrrr" over Dromiceiomimus.

Hey! We read the same webcomic. We must be soulmates or something ... or perhaps we should FIGHT TO THE DEATH !!!!!

Prepare the implements of To The Death fighting.

Okay... I have a fuzzy bunny and three wedges of cheese. Ready!

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