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Burg Maus
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Ich habe den Artikel „Burg Maus“ auf Englisch geschrieben! Und ich kann das euch auf Deutsch sagen!

But the cool thing about having written that article is that I did it mostly by translating the Germany Wikipedia article (albeit with some Babelfish help to flesh out my understanding of the text). And for the English-speakers, the reason the subject of the article is neat is because its name translates to "Mouse Castle".

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Except you had an erroneous "dich" in there. I assume you meant "euch", as in, I can tell you in German. ;)

But hooray for progress in language studies! :D

Also, my god! Appropriate icons or what? :o

You're right! Damn, that's going to be an interesting pitfall going from English to German. Most of the uses for the plural "you" will be obvious because I can see the multiple people, but online it's ambiguous in English—are we talking to "you" singular, or "you" plural? The plural is correct... but we just don't have to think about it.

And I removed an erroneous apostrophe while I was at it. Oops.

Yeah, I didn't even think about the icons. (^.^=)~~

I find it really funny that Mouse Castle has an aviary with lots of birds of prey ;)

I didn't even twig to that. I was too busy being amused at its neighbouring "New Cat's Elbow Castle", I think.

Mouse Castle, Mouse Castle.

We shall go there. I will don a hennin and survey the land from a high tower.

I shall shoot you! With a bow! A BOW I SAY. D:

Hee! Sorry 'bout that. Lack of sleep makes my brain go *mwoooosh*. %3

'ey! Mice are nice! Mice in castles wearing hennins are even nicer!

That may be, but I will have to don my browns and greens and go all Liberator of the People on your aristocratic ass. Nothing personal, you see! ;)

That'd be appropriate. :-D

(I had to go look up what a hennin was. And, seeing that it was lacking, create the article.)

More colloquial would be "ich kann euch das auf Deutsch sagen" but that's just nitpicking :D

Burg Maus wins so very hard. The name alone makes me want to go there. And I possibly can because Rhineland Palatinate is where my parents are from (my Mom was born in Trier and my Grandma and one of my uncles live there).

One reason more to visit us, it's not far away from Northrine-Westphalia ^^

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