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Bad neighbour
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I like my new apartment. The biggest problem I have with it is my next-door neighbour, though. (My place is adjacent to an entrance hall, so I only have the one beside and one above. The one above is quiet.)

Today is the second time he’s pounded on my wall while shouting obscenities for no reason I can understand. It’s not the second time he’s been randomly shouting “fuck!” at the top of his lungs, but the pounding is the most unsettling part. He always does it while there’s the sound of water in the walls between us. Either he’s having psychotic episodes in the shower or the water is from the neighbours above and he thinks it’s my shower. (Why showering at four in the afternoon would be objectionable to him, and why he should think his response is the right one, I have no idea.)

I knocked on his door for five minutes without getting an answer or hearing movement, so I slipped a note under his door that said “Kindly refrain from pounding on my walls and shouting obcenities [sic—d’oh] through them. — [me]”. We’ll see what develops. Since the rules of tenancy here are to not make any objectionable noise at any time (under the Residential Tenancy Act, rather than city noise bylaws), the next time I’m going to take it up with the building manager. Apparently it’s an evictable offence, and really that wouldn’t be so bad...

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Tourette triggered by running water?

That was my first reaction also...

Honey, I woulda taken it up with the building manager first -- but maybe I'm paranoid.

The kind of person who pounds on your wall screaming obscenities is also the kind of person who is not likely to react peacefully and cooperatively to your cease and desist request.

Love you, sweetheart; keep safe, OK?

I've made a good-faith effort to resolve it, so I can take it to the building manager with Righteous Indignation the next time he does it. This way I don't need to deal with him anymore at all, but I can't be accused of being unreasonable in the least.

I'm keeping safe. I'm still paranoid in situations like this. :)

Wow, creepy. And so annoying. I'd take action on it ASAP. Some people are just too insane to live near.

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