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You're much more think than you drunk you are
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OTTAWA - People who drink themselves stupid stay impaired long after their blood alcohol drops and a breathalyser shows they are becoming sober, says a new study from two Canadian universities.

In fact, people who are sobering up are less able to think and plan effectively than people in the process of getting drunk, even when they have the same blood alcohol levels. (Read more...)

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This certainly is consistent with my observations of myself and others. In fact, I think my only hangover symptom is stupidity. Seriously. I just feel really dumb for a day.

Hey, you added "collecting hobbies" to your interests list! Kickass! I was wondering when someone would join me in that :-) spectral42 really should... he's just as big a hobby collector as I am.

I think it's a common hobby for people who have a bad habit of thinking way too much and who encourage their attention to behave like a rabbit on speed. ;-)

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